Current Statistics For Success

* 74% of people who look into our company try our 30-day trial program

*30%-40% of those who try our 30-day trial program join a Coaching Program and become members

* Overall trader retention rate after one year is greater than 80%

Will I Get Support

As a member of Master Day Trading you’ll receive world-class support to help you achieve long term success in the forex market. Even after your personal education, as a member, you have access to daily trades taken by proven, experienced coaches, our trader chat app, continued weekly education, and a community of active day traders. We’ll ensure you have access to all the tools you need to trade profitably no matter what the market is doing

What makes Master Day Trading Unique?

A lot of companies are happy to take you on as a client, but Master Day Trading invites you to join us in a partnership. Your training with us goes far beyond videos and books. We provide you with one-on-one coaching, daily live webinars, live and recorded training content and so much more. But we take it even one step further.By providing you with a corporate funded trading account at the end of your training, we now become partners who profit-share. Our success is dependent on your success and this keeps us highly motivated to provide you with the tools and resources to help you become profitable. You will feel the difference when you trade with us, and you will know very quickly that we are the company you want to partner with to meet and exceed your trading goals.

What Are Indicators?

Our proprietary indicators are powerful tools for profitable trading.

What Does An Annual Membership Cost?

Your membership is included for the first year with your Platinum, Executive, or Premium coaching package. After your first year monthly membership fees are $326.99. This includes your membership fee, indicator access fee, and green charts (our web hosting partner). When you set up your trading as a small business entity, these fees may become tax deductible. Please check with your tax professional for details.

How Long Should I Commit?

We hope that you become a life-long trader, and one of the things that makes that possible is that trading on the forex market can fit into anybody’s schedule. The Forex market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Because of the flexibility this adds to your trading, you can be in and out of the market in a way that accommodates the lifestyle you choose to live.

How Much Should I Know Before Starting?

You should know exactly what you know… nothing more and nothing less. Master Day Trading is an educational platform that will help you learn to be a successful day trader. Our program is designed to take you from wherever you are, whether novice or experienced, or even if you’ve never heard of day trading before. We will customize your education so that you can learn at your own pace and feel empowered to create wealth in the world of Forex Trading.

Do I Train Before Actually Trading?

Yes and no. You will actually begin trading in your 30-day trial. During this time, you will trade live market data but you won’t be using real money. As you progress into your coaching you will continue to practice through what we call “paper trading”. You will learn to read the indicators using a real-time market data feed but not yet use real money. When you complete your training and have your corporate account funded, this is the point at which you start trading with real money. At any point you can continue to paper trade as you learn new strategies or test existing strategies on different currency pairs. We encourage all of our traders to both paper trade and live trade simultaneously.

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